Sunday, December 26, 2010

Welcome Jericho Rangers!

One of  my all time favorite shows (right up there with Deadwood, Seinfeld and Curb for me) is Jericho. An outstanding TV series that unfortunately got canceled in only it's second season.

I actually had the amazing opportunity to play a Jericho Deputy in one of the episodes (episode #17 "One Man's Terrorist"). It was really really fun.

So, this week when posting on the syfi channel message boards I was thrilled to see they had a forum for Jericho! Naturally I asked if they'd be interested in watching R.I. and so far we've had a wonderful response from the Rangers :)

The Rangers have a couple of excellent forums actually:
and at:

The good folks on these forums are doing a great job not only keeping the memories of Jericho alive, but also petitioning to get a Jericho movie made, which would be fantastic.

So, welcome Rangers to Run Invisible!

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