Sunday, December 12, 2010

Run Invisible Season One Sneak Preview - Finally!

I've come to the conclusion that film making is not easily done on a part-time basis (lol).

You wouldn't think it would take over 3 weeks just to cut a 3 minute preview trailer. But, it's now uploaded and hopefully you've had a chance to watch it. I hope you enjoy!


So, with the sneak preview now online, the first thing I did was send a broadcast email to everyone who has subscribed to Run Invisible news.

Tomorrow (Monday) I will blast an email to everyone on all of my other lists to come and check it out.

I will also begin posting on various forums where I think there's an audience for this type of show. Most likely I will also purchase text and/or banner ads on one or more sites that are targeted toward this.

Stay tuned,


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